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Generac FAQ

• General Generac FAQ:


Q: What engines are found in Generac generators?

A: The engines on our stand by lines are Generac engines. All XG, XP and GP8000 watt and above are Generac engines. The GP7500 watt and below contain Lonzin engines.

Q: How can I find a Generac service dealer near me?

A: Visit the Generac website and enter your zip code to find your nearest service dealer:


Generac’s Other Brand Names

Established in 1959, Generac is first in home backup generators. Generac Power Systems builds and ships generators and provides different branding labels for each generator/transfer switch depending on the type of dealer. Nevertheless, every part of the generators are alike. Generac proudly provides many companies with generators and products that include the following: Bryant, Carrier, Caterpillar, Centurion, Eaton, Generac Guardian Series, Generac QuietSource Series, Guardian, Honeywell, Siemens, and Watchdog. Below you will find a brief description of what these companies offer.

Generac Guardian Series 

The Generac Guardian Series offers a backup power system to fit your home specifically. The generators provide you with the generator you need without taking up large amounts of space.

Generac QuietSource Series

The Generac QuietSource Series offers premium features that are ideal for large or custom homes. The Generac QuietSource Series consists of generators that maintain low-RPM liquid-cooled engines that provide additional power and still preserve quiet operation. These features allow backup power to garages, air conditioners, pools, and other further living spaces.


Bryant offers air cooled Automatic Home Standby Generators. This comes in handy when your utility power is interrupted in a power outage or any other interruption. The Bryant generator offers superior power and convenience over portable generators. You will be able to provide continuous heating and cooling for your home in any circumstance, keeping you safe and comfortable.


Carrier offers the ASP Automatic Home Standby Generator provides quick back-up power in any power outage scenario. You know longer need to wait for power to be restored.


Caterpillar has the oldest Cat® Generator set in North America and its still supplying power today, since 1947. This generator power Earnest Bertrand’s cattle ranch in Kansas.


Owned by Generac Power Systems, Inc., Centurion generators offer a market-leading and cost-friendly reliable backup systems for home and business owners. They create their own air-cooled engines, alternators, automatic transfer switches, enclosures and base tanks.


Eaton powers business with its energy-efficient 25 kVA 50Hz Three-Phase Air-Cooled Generator. Eaton helps their customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more proficiently, securely and sustainably. Eaton has roughly 103,000 employees and sells various products in more than 175 countries worldwide.


Honeywell offers both backup and portable generators including Home Standby Generators.Honeywell’s newest line of generators are the most innovative in the industry.


Siemens offers unique generators such as generators that power Geothermal and Wind turbines. They provide generators that maximize power output of the innovative turbines. Siemens Direct Drive (DD) Wind Generator is highly efficient, cost-friendly, and excels in even the harshest conditions. The DD Wind Generator offers a gearless feature that runs slowly on a permanent-magnet synchronization

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