Wall Plate Covers

Wall plate covers essentially serve a decorative purpose: hiding the mechanism of the switch itself behind a plastic or metal plate that helps it blend in smoothly with the wall. They usually come in standard sizes referred to as "gang." Each gang can fit one standard-sized switch plate--4.5 inches high by 2.75 inches long--and wall switch plate covers can go as high as six or seven gang depending upon the need.

"...wall switch plate covers can go as high as six or seven gang depending upon the need."

Wall switch plate covers can be further broken up by type:

  • decorator wall plates to fit existing GFCI outlets
  • outlet switch plate covers to fit plug in outlets
  • toggle covers with space for an on/off switch
  • combination covers to handle toggles, outlets and GFCI openings in one switch
  • blank covers to hide unused switches until they can be set up again

Buying Wall Plate Covers Wholesale Makes Fiscal Sense

Regardless of what kind of wall switch plate covers are required, they primarily need to merge with the surrounding wall and the overall aesthetics of the room. They also should be durable--able to stand up to bumps and jolts--as well as stain resistant. Combination covers need to be able to fit a variety of configurations, lest they necessitate rewiring the entire switch just to get the outlets to fit in the proper spots. Electrical Industries provides decorator plates and wall switch plates of all varieties, fitting up to six gang configurations. Questions about products or prices are welcome--just email sales@electricalindustries.com or call 313-790-3000 to speak with a company representative.