Toggle Switch Covers

Toggle switch covers provide space for traditional toggle light switches. A toggle switch generally works through the use of a small armature, which is suspended between two contact points. One point carries the electrical power from the fuse box, while the other continues onto the light. When the toggle is turned, the armature completes the connection and the light turns on.

The cover on the switch plate doesn't directly contribute to that process. It serves mainly as a protective measure, keeping the wiring safely behind the wall and the switch itself shielded from unforeseen bumps or spilled liquids. Covers also work to make the socket look more pleasing

"...Covers also work to make the socket look more pleasing."
, disguising the hole in the wall and allowing the toggle switch to blend in more with the surrounding decor.

Switch plate covers can also be found in multiple gang configurations. Each "gang" contains the mechanism for one light switch. A one-gang switch plate cover measures 4.5 inches high by 2.75 inches wide, enough for a single toggle. Many homes have two- or three-gang toggle switches.

Switch Plate Covers Can Be Found at a Discount through Online Supply Outlets

Toggles switches are extremely inexpensive, but the largest (5- or 6-gang versions) may be difficult to find in some places. Furthermore, purchasing them wholesale at a discount can cut the average price by 80 to 90 percent over retail costs. For professional electricians and homeowners looking to add a number of switch plate covers, that makes a considerable difference . Electrical Industries has supplies, toggle switches and covers available in bulk. Call 313-790-3000 or email for more information.