Toggle Light Switches

Toggle light switches usually consist of a single-pole switch, which makes or breaks the electrical connection. When the light is turned off, the toggle doesn't connect the contact points, and the electricity has nowhere to go. When it's turned on, it links the two contact points and power flows into the light.

Installing toggle light switches essentially means understanding the difference between the various colored wires and where they go. The white wire is neutral and usually uninterrupted from the power source to the light. The black wire is the "hot" wire, and should be connected to the brass terminal screws that all light switches have. The green wire is the grounding wire, which gives the electricity a safe place to discharge. Generally speaking, all three of the wires connect to the screws on the toggle light that correspond to their color: white to silver, black to brass, and green to green.

"...all three of the wires connect to the screws on the toggle light that correspond to their color."

Electrical Supplies for Toggle Light Switches Can Be Purchased in Bulk

Because toggle light switches are so common, it is often easiest to simply swap a faulty one out for a new one. Electrical supplies can be purchased cheaply in large amounts, eliminating the need to monkey around with the internal workings of a given toggle light switch. They can also be swapped out for silent switches and mercury switches, which serve the same function but use slightly different means to establish the electrical connection. Electrical Industries carries wholesale supplies for toggles switches and other forms of electrical gear to professional electricians. These wholesale distributors can also be reached via phone at 313-790-3000 or via email at