Switch Plate Covers

Switch plate covers entail both decorator switch covers (which can handle GFCI and touch-activated switches) and toggle switches (which use the standard switches most of use are familiar with in our homes). The former encompasses ground fault circuit interrupters, which monitor electrical flow and shut the circuit off in the event it becomes too dangerous. They can usually be found in bathrooms where excessive moisture might otherwise turn the switch into a source of danger.

Toggle switch plates are much simpler and don't have the safety measures of a GFCI circuit. They consist of an armature that can be moved to connect a pair of contact points. When the switch is turned off, the armature isn't in contact and power doesn't flow into the light. When the switch is turned on, the armature completes the circuit and sends electrical power to the light. The older design can't break the circuit in case of exposure to water or other dangers, though that's less of a concern outside the kitchen or bathroom. Toggle switches represent the standard light switch in most American houses.

Supplies of Switch Plate Covers Help Protect Against Moisture and Overloads

Both types of switches benefit from durable plate covers to protect their workings. Plate covers not only hide the wiring and surrounding holes in the wall, but they also provide additional protection against moisture and unforeseen spills. This is particularly pertinent in the case of toggle switches, which lack the safety features of GFCI switches. Electrical Industries sells wholesale supplies of switch plate covers in large amounts. Reach these industry specialists at sales@electricalindustries.com or 313-790-3000.