Straight Blade Receptacles

Although other types of receptacles exist for commercial use, straight blade receptacles are most commonly used in residential, medical and business settings. It is important to note that not all straight blade receptacles are made equally. Depending on where the outlets are to be installed, there are four general grades to select from

"...there are four general grades to select from."

  • General use
  • Hospital grade
  • Federal specification
  • Combination Federal/Hospital specification

Based on the above classifications, it is easy to see that the type of outlets to be installed will depend significantly on their purposes. In most instances, it is the general use--or residential-grade--outlets that will be appropriate because of their ability to handle most common electrical devices, such as lamps, vacuum cleaners and hair dryers.

Choosing the Correct Specifications for Straight Blade Receptacles

If purchasing electrical supplies through an online store, make sure that the straight blade outlets that are being purchased are the correct voltage and wattage to handle the electrical devices that will be plugged into the outlet. If you are unsure, compare the plug configuration with the outlet configuration and see which is higher. The voltage of the outlet must be higher to avoid blowing a fuse when the device is in use.

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