Receptacle Cover Plates

Your computer is probably plugged into a receptacle cover plate right now. It's the standard electrical outlet in the American home, consisting of twin duplex receptacles placed one on top of the other. Cover plates serve primarily as an aesthetic device (covering the electrical mechanism and the hole in the wall that houses it), though they also protect the wiring from external damage, and can keep spilled liquids from causing a short. Most of them should be made of tough, durable material, able to survive the wear and tear of household life.

Receptacle cover plates typically appear in "gang" format. Each gang is about 4.5 inches tall and 2.75 inches wide--enough to hold a standard duplex receptacle. Two-gang, three-gang, and four-gang wall covers are also available, designed to cover receptacles from larger outlets. You usually find two- and four-gang receptacles in areas like the kitchen or the bathroom, where a number of electrical appliances need to be plugged into the wall.

Receptacle Cover Plates Are Less Expensive When Bought in Bulk

No one pretends that receptacle cover plates are difficult to come by. Even four-gang versions can be purchased at the hardware store for just a few dollars. But for electricians who use a larger number of them or for home improvement projects involving extensive rewiring, purchasing them in bulk makes a lot of sense. Wholesale cover plates typically cost 10 to 15 percent less than the retail price, which usually only means a dollar or two, but that can quickly add up when large projects or regular use is involved. Electrical Industries has a large array of receptacle cover plates for sale in bulk; just contact a sales representative at or 313-790-3000 to find out more.