GFCI Electrical Supplies

Since the early 1990s, ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets have become essential in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas where contact with moisture is possible. Their function is to monitor the flow of electricity and to break the circuit as soon as it senses an imbalance that could result in a fatal shock. Circuit breakers are also meant to break the flow of electricity, but do not react as quickly.

The recognizable feature of GFCI outlets are the "test" and "reset" buttons, which allow the users to check whether the GFCI outlets are working properly. When the "test" button is pressed, the flow of electricity will break, immediately shutting off any running appliances. Upon pressing the "reset" button, the flow of electricity will be properly restored.

Choosing the Correct GFCI Outlets for Installation

Because of the high-watt appliances that are used in the home today, 20-amp GFCI outlets have become the standard. In fact, a typical hair dryer won't operate properly in anything less than 20 amps, making them essential for installation in bathrooms. When shopping for supplies, it is important to monitor the product's quality, which can be determined by the presence of a UL compliance tag, high-quality construction and an end-of-life indicator.

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