Electrical Wall Plates

Wall plates serve more as a simple cover for an electrical outlet than any overarching practical function. They disguise the hole in the wall where the outlet lies and help it blend in seamlessly with the surrounding space. Their practical uses are limited mainly to concealing electrical wires and protecting the outlet from damage or spills. As such, they need to be durable and match the color of the wall as well as they can, but beyond that, they are largely a decorative device.

Typical wall plates are referred to as duplex receptacle outlets. These are the standard double outlets you see in your home, with twin plugs for lights and electrical appliances standing one on top of the other. Other combinations of wall plates contain toggles for light switches, decorator wall plates, or cover plates for hiding outlets that are not currently being used. Each outlet constitutes a "gang" of about 4.5 inches by 2.75 inches--large enough to fit a single duplex receptacle set. Combination wall plates typically measure two gang (though three and even four-gang options are available) and can match any number of configurations.

Find Electrical Wall Plates through Online Wholesalers

Combination wall plates are often slightly more expensive than one-gang plates. Hardware stores carry them in large supplies, but they might not have the correct configuration for specific needs. Furthermore, wholesale purchases allow for considerable savings, especially for professionals who need numerous electrical wall plates at the drop of a hat. The professionals at Electrical Industries sell a variety of duplex and combination wall plates at wholesale prices, and they can answer all your questions if you call them at 313-790-3000 or email them at sales@electricalindustries.com.