Electrical Switches

Electrical light switches found in the home fall into three basic categories. The main difference between them is the means they use to connect the contact points and send electricity to the light:

  • Toggle switches, which have a simple armature to connect the contact points. When the toggle switch is turned off, the armature is removed from the contact points, breaking the connection. When the switch is on, the armature links the two contact points, making the connections and sending power to the light.
  • Silent switches, which use a spring armature to provide a contact point with the circuit. The spring is pulled back when the switch is turned off. When it is turned on, the spring pushes against the contact point, sending power through the light.
  • Mercury switches, which rely on a small cylinder filled partway to the top with mercury. The contact point stays above the mercury level until the switch is turned on, when the point lowers into the mercury. The liquid metal provides the contact for the light.

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