Electrical Receptacles

Although there are differences in voltage and amperage ratings, electrical receptacles look essentially the same. Generally speaking, there are three types that contractors may install in the home: GFCI, duplex or decorative electrical receptacles. The type installed depends on the room where the installation is taking place and the preferences of the homeowner.

Historically, receptacles have been ivory in color. Today, however, home owners have more options available to them. White has become increasingly popular, as has the color almond in some homes and businesses. In addition to color, many individuals are now opting for decorative electrical receptacles, which add a more modern look to the home than the standard duplex varieties.

Purchasing Electrical Receptacles Online

Shopping online has become increasingly popular due to the convenience, selection and competitive prices. When selecting a discount distributor to work with, a big perk can be free shipping--especially when large quantities of items are being purchased. This discount off the purchase price makes contractors more likely to order their supplies online, because they save both time and money, which increases their profit margins.

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