Electrical Outlet Covers

The installation of the electrical outlet usually leaves either a metallic box or a small gap in the wall that the outlet itself doesn't quite fill. Electrical outlet covers are designed to fit over the receptacle, toggle switch or cable, disguising the outlet's origins and providing a more pleasing aesthetic look to the wall.

Moreover, electrical outlet covers provide important safety features

"...electrical outlet covers provide important safety features."
: not only do they hide wires securely behind the wall, but they also provide cover against knocks and protect the electrical components from inadvertent spills. Most are designed to blend in seamlessly with the wall and appear in a variety of colors to match the specific décor of the room they occupy.

Electrical outlet covers come in a number of styles and options:

  • Toggle plates with holes for light switches
  • Receptacle covers for standard power outlets
  • Decorator covers for GFCI
  • Blank covers for inoperative outlets
  • Combination covers for a mixture of electrical functions

Most are grouped by "gang," which represents a standard outlet size of 4.5 inches by 2.75 inches. Two-gang and three-gang covers can handle larger holes and multiple outlets--the list goes all the way up to six-gang outlets, often used in offices and places with a large number of electrical needs.

Online Supply Stores Provide Electrical Outlet Covers at a Discount

Outlet cover supplies certainly aren't expensive--typically no more than a dollar or two--but during large projects or for professional electricians, those costs can add up. Buying them at a wholesale supply store often entails significant savings (80 to 90 percent in many cases). Check Electrical Industries for details on wholesale outlet covers, or email these industry specialists at sales@electricalindustries.com or call them at 313-790-3000.