Duplex Receptacles

The traditional outlet that is installed throughout most homes and businesses is called the duplex receptacle. Although the dual-outlet design of duplex receptacles look inherently alike, there are major differences in the wire size, watts and voltage that need to be understood when buying electrical supplies for installation. If an individual does not completely understand the process of installation, a professional contractor should be contacted to avoid potential injuries.

Matching Duplex Receptacles to the Look of the Home

Those who choose to install their own duplex receptacles will find that they have quite a few choices available to them. At one time, no thought was given to the aesthetics of electrical supplies--they were created in a single color and designed to attract little attention. That has all changed, however, and homeowners now have the ability to incorporate their duplex receptacles and switches into the interior design of the room.

The prices of duplex receptacles vary widely depending on where the electrical supplies are purchased. When buying online, it is important to look for a company that values customer service and offers a large selection of products from which to choose. Electrical Industries is an online wholesaler that aims to provide the best possible service to its customers and offers a guarantee of quality assurance. The company was built to service the needs of contractors whose business depends on having a wide variety of high-quality, inexpensive electrical supplies available. Simply call 313-790-3000 or email them at sales@electricalindustries.com to learn more.