Cable Wall Plates

The advent of cable television and phone lines in the home has expanded the use for cable wall plates. Electricians who once concerned themselves only with electrical lines and outlets for sockets now have to wire outlets for larger, thicker cables as well. The principles, however, remain the same. The wires run through the crawlspace in the walls, emerging at convenient outlets to be plugged into whatever device requires electrical power. Cable plates exist to hide the necessary hole, to hold the cable in place and to maintain the aesthetics of the wall while still providing power to the appropriate appliance. Most cable wall plates are of standard size for any electrical outlet: one "gang" measuring 4.5 inches tall by 2.75 inches wide. Wall plates typically don't require more than one gang, because there is rarely more than one television or phone jack in the immediate vicinity.

Find Cable Wall Plates at a Discount from Supply Companies Online

Purchasing them is cheap and easy: most can be found at any hardware store. But for those who use electrical supplies in bulk--or even regular homeowners hoping to save a little--it helps to get discount wholesale prices. Mark ups on the retail end can often be as much as ten times the wholesale cost, and that can add up for a company that requires lots of them to do its job. Electrical Industries offers cable wall plates at discount prices, typically measuring pennies on the retail dollar. For more specific product information, you can call these electrical specialists at 313-790-3000 or send an email to