Blank Wall Plates

Blank wall plates make an easy solution for electrical outlets that are no longer in use. With no need for electricity in that particular part of the house, an outlet can be removed. But that leaves a large hole in the wall, which a blank wall plate can cover without the fuss of repatching and repainting. It screws simply and easily into the frame used by the outlet, covering the hole and preserving the wall's integrity.

Not only does it cut down on time and expense, but blank wall plates make further electrical work easier as well. Any time an electrician needs to add a new outlet or expand the home's wiring, he needs access to the space behind the wall. In some cases, that requires drilling a new hole to give him access. However, an existing hole covered by a blank wall plate makes an easy entry point and can be quickly replaced once the work is done. Furthermore, it usually lies close to existing electrical wiring, allowing the electrician to extract the wires and perform his work much more readily.

Free Shipping on Blank Wall Plate Covers Is Available Online

Though they are inexpensive and easy to purchase, buying electrical plates wholesale can save a great deal of money. Wholesale distributors sell them at one-tenth of retail price in the hardware store. It's especially beneficial to professional electricians, but homeowners can save money on blank wall plate covers as well. Electrical Industries sells blank wall plates in bulk, with free shipping on orders from its website. Customers are also welcome to call 313-790-3000 or email with questions.