3 Way Electrical Switches

Three-way electrical switches work to control a light from two separate locations. They make good options for lights in hallways, which people want to turn on from either end, and on stairways to keep from climbing up or down in the dark. Standard switches use two terminals, which are either connected or disconnected as the light turns off and on. Three-way electrical switches have three terminals, however, which can be used to alternate power between them.

One terminal on the first three-way electrical switch is connected to the power source, with the remaining two terminals extending to the second three-way electrical switch. The remaining free terminal on the second switch is connected to the light. When both switches have contact--typically with the toggle of one in the up position and the toggle of the other in the down position--the connection is made and the light turns on. Otherwise, the light remains off. The simplicity of the design essentially allows either switch to turn the light on, regardless of its location.

Find Supplies for Three-Way Electrical Switches Online

Electricians wire three-way electrical switches every day. Though the process is simple, it requires a decent knowledge of electrical systems to install properly. Three-way switches are a common request from customers hoping to get a better handle on a tricky electrical light, which means a constant need for spare switches. Supplies can be ordered online through Electrical Industries, which offers wholesale prices and can ship switches in bulk. Feel free to call 313-790-3000 or email sales@electricalindustries.com to speak with these industry experts one-on-one.